Indoor laser shows

An indoor laser show can be designed entirely to your wishes and ideas. You can choose from made-to-measure laser animations or a themed show* with a beam show, in which surfaces, beams, tunnels and other 3D laser effects will be included. A combination of various shows is also possible.
In addition, a laser show can be complemented with video material, pictures, light effects and special effects. Whether it concerns an opening, a product presentation, a staff party, or a jubilee, DTL always ensures an appropriate show. We can also provide manually controlled laser effects only, for dance parties or festivals.

For virtually every type of engagement DTL can offer a fitting concept. Feel free to contact us to discuss the possibilities.

Would you like a unique show? Entirely to your wishes and ideas?

We can make that happen by use of custom made animations! At DTL we employ creative programmers, able to create virtually any desired animation and show. You can also combine custom animations with our existing themed shows._



Location and setup

An indoor show is possible virtually anywhere, for example on business premises or factory floors, or in party centres or tents. The setup of the lasers and the projection screen is largely dependent on the location.

Outside light

During the show, it is important that the location is made as dark as possible. Lights should be switched off during the show and light coming in from outside should be prevented as much as possible.

Smoke provisions

Laser effects are emphasized by use of special smoke. For the duration of the show it is important that any smoke detectors are deactivated.

De Jonge Antwerpen Lasershow Binnen Effecten

Projection screens

Electronically controlled projection screens are often used for the laser and video projection, projection on water walls is also possible._

electrisch gaasscherm Opkikker
Waterscherm met fonteinen Leeuwarden
Emmen - Opening - Tunnel - Percussie

Sound installation

All our shows are programmed to music. The right music plays an important role in experiencing the show. This requires a professional sound installation. DTL provides such a professional sound installation for smaller and bigger shows alike.

lasershow, muziek bij Lasershow, Geluidsinstallatie, lasershows
De Jonge Antwerpen Multimediashow Lasershow Binnen

Themed shows

The themed shows that can be chosen from include: Flight into History, Typically Dutch, Europe, Liberation, Kings-day. There is also a themed show for birthdays or weddings. These ready-made laser animations can be used as stand-alone, or combined with custom made animations and special effect shows._


After an opening speech, the laser show can be started by means of a simple press of the button, after which the lights will be dimmed and the show begins.

Laser Show Startknop Opening Idols


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