Multimedia shows

Besides Laser shows, DTL is specialised in the design and realisation of multimedia shows.

In our multimedia shows, multiple techniques are combined into an unforgettable show. For example, laser animations supplemented with video images and/or pictures, but also light, special effects like flames, CO2, confetti and fireworks can be added to a show. Water walls and fountains can also be part of a multimedia show.

Aside from several large corporate events, DTL also provided shows for: Dierenpark Emmen (Emmen Zoo) during ‘Winterlicht’, Amusement park Darien Lake USA, China Light Haren/Rotterdam and the ‘Miracle of Lights’ shows for amusement park Slagharen, and others. DTL was also asked to design a concept for ‘de Opkikker’ foundation for their ‘Super Opkikkerdag’. Please view the videos below


Some examples :

China Light

The shows we were asked to provide at the various editions of China Light multimedia shows were incredibly successful. Especially the China Light show in Rotterdam, where DTL lit up the entire Euromast landmark and incorporated this attention-grabber into its show.

Due to the added value of our shows during China Light in The Netherlands we were invited to provide the shows in Chengdu, China, where fly-boarders were also incorporated into the shows. The Fly-board night show is a show that can be organised on or near water.

Chinalight Rotterdam Lasershow Buiten Projectiescherm Laser Effecten

Miracle of Lights – Amusement park Slagharen

The ultimate multimedia show in which almost all available techniques were incorporated. Besides laser animations, video images, water fountains, special effects, water walls, etc., the mascots Randy and Rosie played a prominent role in the show’s story. A story inspired by families and children, created in close cooperation with the client; Amusement park Slagharen. A show to be proud of.

Slagharen Miracle of light

Sand sculptures Zuidlaren

As an addition to the sand sculptures, we provided, for a prolonged period, in one of the halls of the Prins Bernhard Hoeve, a multimedia show centred around the creation of the Hondsrug in the Ice age. Many aspects of the multimedia applications were incorporated into this show. For this show a beautiful, fitting decor was designed, on which multiple beamers applied video mapping. At the start of the show, our projection ball was hidden inside a ‘crater’ in the decor, and during the show, supported by light effects like moving heads, strobes, smoke, etc., was inflated quickly. A very impressive moment. On this projection ball, videos and lasers were projected and the show was then further supported by fountains and flames.

Winter light, Emmen Zoo

Dierentuim Emmen

Sports club Silvolde 100-year jubilee

100 years of sports club Silvolde in which laser and video, light and fireworks were combined to an emotional and impressive show.

Multimedia lasershow Sportclub Silvolde met vuurwerk

Multimedia lasershow Sportclub Silvolde

10 jaar Cascaderun Hoogeveen.

DTL sloot de Cascaderun 2016 af met een adembenemende eindshow ! 10 jaar cascade run in Hoogeveen.

De eindshow dit jaar was volgens het plein vol publiek spectaculairder dan ooit. In een half uur was de geschiedenis van de Cascaderun te zien op een enorm videoscherm. Dit allemaal omlijst met lasers, vuur, vuurwerk en geluid. Het bracht het massaal toegestroomde publiek tot meezingen, dansen en applaudiseren.

Multimedia show Cascaderun Hoogeveen uitlichten gebouw
Cascaderun Multimedia lasershow

De Opkikker foundation

For ‘de Opkikker’ foundation DTL designed a custom show. This show takes place during the conclusion of the Super Opkikker days, where children suffering from prolonged illness, and their parents or guardians, enjoy a super day. This includes children going on a ride-along with firefighters and getting to put out fires, experiencing what it is like to be an artist, and being driven around in an actual limousine under escort of police motors etc. After the many activities that take place that day, we conclude with a laser show for all ages. A ‘superkikker’ takes the guests on a journey, starting from the ‘kikker planet’, traveling past stars and planets to arrive on Earth, where we visit De Eemhof, where he revisits the daytime activities. A show with laser lights and water walls that we made with pleasure, for charity. Seeing the responses from the people tells us exactly what we do it for.

electrisch gaasscherm Opkikker


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