Do you want a unique show, entirely to your wishes and ideas?

We make it happen using custom made animations!

The creative programmers working at DTL can create virtually any animation you want. You can also choose to combine custom animations with our existing animations. We have a wide range of existing designs in our collection, available for your use.
In many cases the storyboard is supplied by the customer; after all, you know your company best.


The laser animations tell a story, your story. This could be a chronological display of the history and future of your company, a production process from resources to final product or the introduction of a new logo.
A combination of existing and custom made animations is, for example, a globe appearing from the universe, after which Europe and then The Netherlands are projected. After that, the city or town of your company, followed by the custom-made animations. The possibilities are practically endless. Please contact us for more information.

Working method

Based on your wishes, we create a storyboard, or you supply a storyboard to us. Using this we compose an initial program, which you can view as an online video. Then we discuss any desired changes and edit the concept until it is entirely to your satisfaction. For the programming, we, at DTL, use only the premium software programs, such as Pangolin for laser design, and Cinema 4D for the direct conversion of professional animations by camera movements.


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