Wedding celebration / Marriage proposal

Are you getting married soon, or do you know someone who is? The ‘Wedding-show’ by DTL is an original, impressive addition to this special day. The show consists of spectacular 3D laser effects and fitting laser animations, such as the rings and the wedding cake. In addition, we will add to the show, animations of important moments from the life/lives of the wedding couple. For example; their birth dates, the first time they met and special occasions. By using music that we, or you, select, we make the show even more special. The show is a exceptional experience, that is sure to move many a guest.

You will have a full-colour laser show, including customised “Wedding-show” and a 3D special effects show of choice. The show is programmed to music and fitting to your wedding, this will require a professional sound installation. Usually we can use the sound installation of the band or DJ, but if none is present we can arrange for it.

Marriage proposal

Finally, the day is here: You’ve made your choice and you’re sure of it, but… how are you going to pose the question in an unforgettable way?? An exciting and emotional moment, and we would love to help you take the next step in your joint lives.
Using laser projection, we can project your proposal onto any random building, or specifically on a building or object that is special to the two of you. We’ve done this before, projecting proposals onto the Erasmus bridge in Rotterdam, the Arena and Okura Hotel in Amsterdam, the Martini tower in Groningen and at various birthdays and parties. The future brides had no idea what was going to happen and were completely astonished. So far, all the ladies have said “yes”, often with tears in their eyes. A beautiful moment to capture on video and never forget.



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