Funeral service

We have been asked repeatedly whether we, at DTL, would be able to offer an adequate laser show for a funeral service.
Preface: Some years ago, DTL organised a multimedia presentation at the funeral trade-fair in Utrecht, for the company ‘de Steenklip’. This company makes urns and grave stones and similar products. In this presentation, in which a fitting laser show was incorporated, the company received a lot of very positive responses from visitors about “the show”, mostly from people with teary eyes. Also, people who told us they’d had a near-death experience and that this was what they had seen, but did not dare talk about it. Endless colourful tunnels of light with wonderful music, a lot of emotion, Goosebumps, but, so beautiful.


After this presentation, DTL was contracted to provide its services at several funerals and cremations.
In addition, DTL also provided a “show” for the celebration commemorating the 100-year existence of graveyard ‘Zorgvlied’ in Amsterdam.
The end of a life sometimes comes so unexpectedly, and often, as loved ones, we are caught completely unprepared. During the farewells, difficult, emotional and with all our pain of loss, we are closely connected. Having to say farewell hurts, but let us focus on remembering the precious memories and on keeping those memories close to us forever. Forever, like the circle of life and forever like the light, burning at the end of the tunnel.
For more information about the funeral service show, please contact us to discuss the options without any obligations.



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