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IBC LED tanks with powerful full color LED lighting are real eyecatchers. The tanks are ideal for use as mobile bar, illuminated bar tables and dance blocks at festivals and other events.

In addition, IBC LED tanks can complement decors and as shown below to create an atmospheric entrance to a building or party tent. The tanks are equipped with high power LED lighting, which makes them visible even in high ambient light conditions. They can be placed in almost all colors and even discolour slowly in a beautiful color loop.

Exhibition stand Event 17 in Utrecht

Toegangspoort van IBC  led tank

IBC led tanks as back wall bar

Entrance of Led tanks

Toegangspoort IBC led tanks

Entrance Hoog Catharijne – Utrecht


IBC Led tanks as D.J. Booth

IBC Led tanks as part of stage and decor

IBC Led tanks with video-projection

Kingsland Festival

IBC tanks als decor Kingsland

IBC led tanks as LEDBAR at the Kamasutra Erotic Festival

IBC Ledtank DTLLaser Kamasutra Erotic Festival Utrecht-48
Ledtanks als bar en d.j. booth tijdens kamasutra
Led tank bar tijdens Kamasutra

IBC Led tanks as a backdrop at “The Voice of Holland”

Led tanks als decor en dansblokken bij the voice of Holland

TV program “Lekker Slim”


At a show in the “Noordlease stadium”

The LED tanks were used, among other things, at the opening of the Zwolle football stadium, Miracle of Lights in amusement park Slagharen and at the Dam tot Damloop in Zaandam where the participants were brought in the last 300 meters before the finish with a colorful and varied color pattern.

“Dam tot Dam loop by night light run

On the last LED tanks in front of the finish, illuminated dancers were waving flags to encourage the participants the last few meters.

More than 150 led tanks available


Technical specifications:

The IBC LED tanks can be equipped with 3 different types of high power LEDs.

  • Standard RGB power LED: Standalone usable, color-adjustable or color loop as well as DMX controllable.
  • High power RGBW LED: (eg the P5) Can be used as standalone, adjustable per color. DMX and wireless DMX controllable.
  • High power RGBW led on battery: Led 230 v and on battery. Wireless interconnect, DMX controllable, IR remote control.


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