Waterscreen falling (watercurtain)

The water curtain is a large ‘projection screen’ of falling water with a high density. The screen is very suitable for laser and video projection. In addition, the water curtain can be used as a separating wall, highlighted by LED lighting.


The minimum width of our water curtain is three metres. We can expand this to your needs by seamlessly connecting additional 3-metre components. The water curtain is usually hung on a truss-construction (placed on tripods, if needed) and can be used in- as well as outdoors. Underneath the water curtain we will place a basin, from where the required water is pumped to the three-layer nozzles. These nozzles ensure the water drops down like a shut curtain, which allows for high quality laser and video projections. If you are using the water curtain over a podium, we can fit rosters into the podium so that the basin can be placed under the podium and out of the way.



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