The new multimedia spectacle for on or near the water!

The Fly-board Night show by DTL is a spectacular show in which stunts by a fly-board team are combined with, among other things, laser beams, water, fire and laser animations.

“The Fly-board Night show is suitable for anyone that wants to make their event even more impressive….”


It should be kept in mind that this show can only be performed on and around the water. A pool can also be suitable. In many cases the location is key to the possibilities of setup and technique.

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Huisman Equipment Schiedam Flyboard Nightshow Laser

““A breath-taking show, with fly-boarding, lasers, fire, water, light effects and video.”

In most locations, the shows are easy to create, but there are locations where a large portion of the required technology will need to be placed on pontoons.

Ponton Flyboard Nightshow Water Laser
Flyboard Nighsthow Projectiebol Water Laser

Dtl heeft in samenwerking met het Flyboard team Nederland in China Chengdu gedurende 14 dagen meerdere Flyboard night shows per avond mogen verzorgen. Er stonden duizenden mensen bij elke show op de kade om het spectakel te aanschouwen.

Huisman Equipment Schiedam Flyboard Nightshow Laser Multimedia Show Schip


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